The reasons that have motivated the development of this kind of products is the increasing demand by the market, of more compact and versatile storage groups than the  traditional horizontal storage .

To meet this demand we have developped ORU CUBE. It's extremely compact 3 or 4 compartments and have the size of a standard two binsstorage group.


  • Compactness and ease of transport
  • Structure fully hot galvanised
  • Modular side extensions and partition system
  • Modularity and versatility
  • Easy, quick and safe assembly
  • Low hopper loading point (with the same storage)
  • Different loading possibilities


The single block in the base version comprises 2 modules of the LOGIK B series.  The production target of plants fitted with the base CUBE-B is between 50 and 150m3/h

It is a compact, pre-assembled and completely transportable module also combined with medium production mixing units forming a single block. Owing to the design of the new tanks the overall dimensions and above all the loading height are reduced in relation to the storage capacity.

  • The capacity of the base version is 54 m3.
  • With one meter side extensions 82 m3 are reached.
  • With two metre side extensions 110 m3 are reached
  • The plant is fitted with 4 unloading outlets and 4 cylinders.


The loading of aggregates normally takes place from two sides, for this configuration is necessary to make two ramps. Loading is also possible via truck (this method requires higher and longer ramps.

For storage units of this size the most popular loading system is by power shovel. 

Clearly the CUBE-B has been designed for optimum loading with power shovel (lower and shorter ramps).

Owing to a particular partition system it is possible to carry out the complete load on one side only, in this case just one small ramp is necessary (advisable in the 54 m3 base version) and a large storage on the ground.

VARIANTS: combination with a BELT-UP weghing belt

ORU CUBE-B combined with the range of BELT-UP belts is enhanced with further features.

The aggregate loading point remains unchanged  also in the presence of  SKIP(out of pit) or mixer conveyor belts, the aggregate weighing tank of the BELT-UP belt has been designed and manufactured especially for this purpose.

Due to its particular design, with broad radius of curvature, the belt hopper gently accompanies the path of the belt ensuring optimum functionality.

L’abbinamento CUBE & BELT-UP garantisce una serie di vantaggi unici. In base alla taglia di BELT-UP applicato si ottiene la configurazione ottimale per ogni mezzo di trasferimento (nastri e SKIP anche di grandi dimensioni).

  • No concrete works 

  • No pits for embedding SKIPs or  pick-up belts

  • No hoisting pillars


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