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A "cookie" is a simple text file downloaded by your computer (or any other device used for internet navigation) that stores information related to navigation on a specific website. The user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) downloads the cookies from the Internet Server hosting the site. The files then reside in the user's device and are read/used during current or subsequent visits to the site.

Types of Cookies

Technical cookies

This type of cookie allows certain sections of the site to function correctly. They can be of two types:

- Persistent - These are not destroyed once the browser is closed but remain until a preset expiry date.

- Session - These are destroyed every time the browser is closed. These cookies are always sent from our domain and are necessary to properly display the site and for operation of the technical services offered. These will always be received and used unless you change your browser settings (thus affecting the display of pages on the site). These cookies are used exclusively for the proper functioning of the site, and for this reason there is no obligation to request consent, however their presence is notified through the appearance of a banner on the site. 

Analytical cookies

The cookies in this category are used to collect information about the use of the site. 

Nome: _ga


Ownership: third party

Type: analytical cookie

Expiry date: 24 months

Purpose: used by the Google Analytics application to generate statistics on the use of the website

Google Privacy Policy

Name: _gid


Ownership: third party

Type: analytical cookie

Expiration: 24 hours

Purpose: used by the Google Analytics application to distinguish users

Google Privacy Policy

Name: _gat


Ownership: third party

Type: analytical cookie

Expiration: 10 minutes

Purpose: used by the Google Analytics application to limit the frequency of requests

Google Privacy Policy

Third party cookies

This type of cookie supports functions developed by third parties and operating within the website pages, (such as icons and preferences on social networks), for sharing the content and access to third-party software services (such as software to create maps and software providing other services). These cookies are sent by third-party domains and partner websites that offer their functions within the website pages.

Profiling cookies

These are those cookies necessary to create the user profiles for sending of advertising messages in line with the preferences demonstrated by the user within the website pages. Sending and using this type of cookie requires the user’s consent. 

Cookies used:

All’interno del presente capitolo è necessario indicare tutti i cookies utilizzati dal sito indicando per ognuno:


Type: technical cookie,

session cookie

Duration: browser closure

Purpose: The PHPSESSID cookie is a native PHP cookie that allows websites to store session state data. It is used on the site to establish a user session and to communicate status data via a temporary cookie, commonly referred to as a session cookie. Since the PHPSESSID cookie does not have a time expiration, it disappears when the user closes the site.

Name: ion_selected_language

Type: technical cookie, session cookie

Duration: 12 hours

Purpose: choosing the site language

Blocking cookies

If the user wishes, they can restrict or block cookies by choosing specific settings on their browser. If the user wishes to prevent the downloading of cookies within their computer, they can choose the settings in their browser, blocking all the cookies or only specific ones. At any time, the user can delete the cookies stored on their device. The settings must be changed separately in each device and browser used.

If the user blocks the cookies, the proper function of the website cannot be guaranteed. Some functions may be unavailable and it may be impossible to view certain pages.

It is important to note that blocking cookies does not eliminate the display of advertisements. These will simply no longer be tailored to your interests.

If you would like to learn more about how your browser stores cookies during navigation, please follow these links on the websites of the respective providers:

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Safari 6/7 Mavericks

Safari 8 Yosemite

Safari 10 Mojave

Safari su iPhone, iPad, o iPod touch

You can prevent Google Inc. from detecting and reading from cookies generated on the site by downloading and installing this plug-in for your browser:

Blocking third-party cookies

This site does not currently use third-party cookies (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Maps) for operation of any functions. 

Updates and changes

Given the dynamic nature of the Web, it is not always possible to control the downloading of third-party cookies via a website.

If you detect the presence of any cookie of this type and not indicated in this policy, you are therefore asked to inform us at our contacts.

The text of this cookie policy may require revision. We reserve the right to change the information and the lists of cookies at any time and without notice. The text you are now reading provides the latest version of the cookie policy.

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In compliance with the obligations arising from European Community legislation (European regulation 2016/679, GDPR and subsequent amendments), this site respects and protects the privacy of visitors and users, making every possible and proportionate effort not to infringe their rights.

This privacy policy applies only to the online activities of this site and is valid for its visitors/users. It does not apply to information collected through channels other than this website. The purpose of the privacy policy is to provide maximum transparency regarding the information that the site collects and how it is used.


This website processes data on the basis of consent. By using or consulting this site, visitors and users explicitly approve this privacy policy and consent to the processing of their personal data for the purposes and according to the means described below, including any disclosure to third parties necessary for the provision of a service.

The provision of data is optional, and therefore also the consent for gathering and processing the data. The user can deny consent, and at any time can revoke consent already given (using the Contacts link at the bottom of the page).


Like all websites, this site uses log files that store information automatically collected during user visits. The information collected could be as follows:
Internet protocol (IP) address; Type of browser and parameters of the device used to connect to the site; Name of the Internet service provider (ISP); Date and time of the visit; Webpage of visitor origin (referral) and exit; Number of clicks.

The information described above is processed automatically and collected exclusively in aggregate and anonymised form, for verification of the proper function of the site and for security reasons. Such information will be processed in conformity with the legitimate interests of the data controller.

For security purposes (spam filters, firewalls, virus detection), automatically recorded data could also include personal data such as the IP address, which could be used in accordance with applicable laws for purposes of blocking attempts to damage the site or cause damage to other users or other harmful or criminal activities. Such data are never used for the identification or profiling of the user, but only for the protection of the site and its users, and are processed pursuant to the legitimate interests of the data controller.

In the case of specific services requested by the user, the site detects and records some identification data of the user, including the email address. These data are understood to be voluntarily provided by the user at the time of their request for service (request for information). By submitting a request for information, the user accepts the privacy policy and consents that the content entered may be freely disclosed to third parties for the purposes stated.

The data received will be used exclusively for the provision of the service requested and only for the time necessary for such purpose.

The information that users of the site choose to make public through the services and means made available to them are provided by the user knowingly and voluntarily, exempting this site from any liability for any violations of laws. The user is responsible for verifying that they have permission to enter third-party personal data and any content protected by national or international laws.

The data collected by the site during its operation are used exclusively for the purposes described above and kept for the time strictly necessary to carry out the activities specified. In any case, the data collected by the site will never be provided to third parties, unless by reason of a legitimate request from the legal authorities and only in cases provided by law.

Data used for security purposes (blocking attempts to damage the site) are kept for a maximum of 45 days.


The data collected by the site are processed by the Data Controller, LE OFFICINE RIUNITE - UDINE S.p.A. located in Via Santa Caterina 35, Basaldella di Campoformido (UD), Italy, and are managed only by technical staff authorised for this purpose or by persons responsible for occasional maintenance operations.

data transfer to non-eu countries

This site may share some of the data collected with services located outside the European Union. Such transfers are authorised on the basis of specific decisions of the European Union and the European Data Protection Supervisor, in particular Decision 1250/2016 (Privacy shield), meaning that no further consent is required.

security measures

The present site processes user data in a lawful and correct manner, using appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or unauthorised destruction of data. The processing is carried out by means of computer and/or telematic tools, with organisational methods and with logic strictly related to the purposes indicated. In some cases, in addition to the data controller, other classes of employees involved in the organisation of the site (administrative, sales, marketing or legal staff, system administrators) or external parties (such as providers of technical services, couriers, hosting providers, information-technology companies, communication agencies) could have access to the data.


Pursuant to the European Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and national legislation, the User may exercise the following rights, in the manner and within the limits provided by current legislation:

Receive confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning the user (right of access);
Know the origin of the data;
Receive intelligible communication;
Receive information concerning the logic, methods and purposes of processing;
Request the updating, rectification, supplement, erasure and transformation of the data in anonymous form, as well as the blocking of data processed in violation of the law, including in the cases of data no longer necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected;
Receive, in cases of processing based on consent, the data provided to the data controller in a structured format commonly used by electronic devices and readable by a data processor, at the sole cost of the medium used for transmission;
Complain to the Supervisory Authority (Authority for Protection of Personal Data);
More generally, to exercise all rights that are recognized by the current provisions of law.

Requests should be addressed to the Data Controller or the Data Protection Supervisor.

Where data are processed in accordance with the data controller's legitimate interests, the rights of data subjects concerning processing are nevertheless guaranteed (except for the right to portability, which is not provided for in the rules), in particular the right to object to the processing, which can be exercised by sending a request to the data controller.


The data controller is LE OFFICINE RIUNITE – UDINE S.p.A., with legal headquarters in Via Santa Caterina 35, Basaldella di Campoformido (UD), Italy, who can be contacted by telephone at +39 0432 563856 and by email at

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